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C.M.C.M.A. Cheshire Motor Cycle Marshals Association



For those of you who do not know the history of the Cheshire Motor Cycle Marshals Association it was formed in 1978 by Doug Austin, John Golborne, Don Grey and  Harry Stroud, four members of  Cheshire Centre clubs all sadly no longer with us, (it was not Cheshire & North Wales back then) from various disciplines in response to concerns about the standard of marshalling. Usually the only training given was a few minutes before the event and in order to improve standards the CMCMA was formed.

We have trained Marshals who have marshalled at events all over the UK. I have marshalled at Oulton Park, Aintree, Anglesey, Three Sisters, Snetterton, Pembry, Hatherton Hall, Hawkstone Park and others, from club road racing events to MX Grand Prix's, one of our members now Marshals at his new home in New Zealand!  Our training formed the basis for the ACU’s training handbook and our training days were always well attended by marshals from several organisations not just the CMCMA. Our Marshals’ evenings and quizzes which we have not held for some years were a good opportunity to socialise and meet up with riders away from the circuit.

I hope we can persuade Marshals North West to take up the training role and join the Preston Club with training Marshals for the North West.

I would like to thank the members of the CMCMA who have put so much into the association over the years. Graham our Chairman and Chief Marshal, Martin, treasurer and past Chief Marshal, Jaye for the Marshals’ Evenings and the Quizzes and  many others past and present, those no longer with us and of course the many riders as guests at the evenings and quizzes and without whom at the circuits we would not have had anything to do!

My 2018 dates planner is on the events page in PDF ansd Excel versions for you to save or print, if you spot any mistakes or omissions please let me know, I will hopefully produce some for the 2019 season and will take them to Aintree and three Sisters.